We live in a world that has lost connection. The demands and social pressures in our homes, workspaces, schools, and communities tempt us to conform, hide, and soften our voices. And yet, deep within, we yearn to be seen, heard, loved, accepted, connected, and empowered as our true selves. 

Seek to Find is your safe space to find your voice amidst the noise and to discover the freedom and joy that comes from authentically relating with yourself and others. 

The Seek to Find process is collaborative, explorative, and client-focused.  At the root of coaching is learning.  I invite you to learn with me on the path of overcoming obstacles with authenticity.

We seek and with courage, we find.

When was the last time you found yourself on the verge of desired change?  Did you take that courageous step forward?  What do you seek that you haven't yet found?

Master the 4 E's of Authenticity Coaching to help you navigate this transition into your authentic self and authentic life.  

                  1. Experience Authenticity      2. Express Authenticity      3. Employ Authenticity      4. Exude Authenticity


  • Powerful Leadership 
  • Career changes
  • Decision making
  • Future planning
  • Seeing new solutions
  • Life balance
  • Organizing and efficiency 

Authenticity Coaching is for...

  • Improving relationships with self + others
  • A greater sense of peace, empowerment, and possibility
  • Getting "unstuck"
  • Moving forward
  • Improved communication
  • Transitions and change
  • Time management


Q: What is coaching?

A: Coaches are confidential thinking partners assisting clients with declaring and achieving goals.   Defined by the International Coach Federation, coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires clients to maximize personal and professional potential.  It is a partnership where the coachee is viewed as whole and complete.  Coaches are trained in methods to achieve new results via future-oriented conversations of discovery and help clients to find solutions within themselves.  

Q: What can authenticity coaching do for me?

A: Authenticity coaching empowers you to see new possibilities, have the courage to pursue your goals, and as a result, find greater contentment and peace.  We seek and with courage, we find.

Q: What makes coaching with Seek to Find unique?

A: Seek to Find operates within the Ontological Coaching framework, a unique method of holistic coaching.  Ontology is the study of being. Ontological coaching explores the source of possibilities and solutions that lie within YOU.  Using ontological coaching within the framework of seeking authenticity, we will unlock new possibilities to help you overcome obstacle(s).  In our coaching relationship, you can expect to learn new ways of being to achieve your desired future.  You set the agenda for our conversations because this is your sacred space to be your authentic self.  

Q: I'm new to coaching, where do I start?

A: Step One - Acknowledge yourself for seeking new solutions.  Step Two - Contact me to discover how authenticity coaching enhances your peace, purpose, happiness, and empowerment.

Q: How are sessions conducted?

A: All coaching is conducted via phone call, FaceTime, or Skype. No matter where you live, work, and play, we can work together to create your desired future.