My līfMOTR program at the Honolulu Club is featured in the Balanced Body, Inc. Annual Catalog 2016 – a publication that is distributed globally to fitness and Pilates enthusiasts!

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The Honolulu Club is the premier health and fitness club in the state of Hawaii. The 35-year-old company recently decided to evolve its brand, aiming to reestablish its expertise as innovative leaders in the state. One of the initiatives of this brand evolution is the launching of a sub brand, LīF (Lab for Innovative Fitness). LīF’s mission is to develop cutting edge programming by combining ground-breaking products and technology to inspire health, fitness, wellness and growth.

Enter MOTR® .

MOTR combines the comfort of a foam roller with the challenge of three weight level resistances, giving clubs a challenging and diverse workout tool. Exercise categories include cardio, balance, functional training, mind-body, agility, strength training and more – all in an economic 43” cylinder.

“The versatility of MOTR, as well as the portability of the unit makes this a great option for a market like Hawaii,” says Janna Young, the director of LīF and the club’s Pilates program. “We see the limitless ways to work with MOTR to condition the body as a huge benefit. And in a place like Honolulu, where space is at a premium, the compact nature of the MOTR is key for both storage and usage. It also nicely lends to future formats where we can take the MOTRs offsite and potentially do scenic outdoor classes.“

The Honolulu Club purchased 18 MOTRs for the program. Since MOTR is relatively new, building awareness within the club was key. This began by having the team experience the product. “We opened up a series of classes for a three-week period to all our staff members. Additionally, the club members who we identified as our highly engaged ‘fitness ambassadors’ were also invited into these sneak preview sessions,” she said. ”Everyone just loved it.”

From there, organic buzz took off within the club community, supported by its usual channels of club communication: in club screens, the monthly email newsletter, social media, and promotional cards circulated by the management team offering a free trial class, among other things.

Janna assembled and trained a staff of current teachers to become her līfMOTR Master Trainers who then began working with members.

“Our members are revved about feeling both stronger and elongated in their bodies after training on the MOTR with our master trainers,” she said. “Your instructors are so important to any program’s success. And these līfMOTR Master Trainers were hand-picked because of their exemplary verve, proven track records, and commitment to fitness.”

As mentioned, LīF also brings an integration of technology in the class. In the current līfMOTR sessions each participant wears a heart rate monitor with their stats displayed on a large flat screen. Janna says this addition creates a high level of engagement, competitiveness and fun.

The formal launching of the brand evolution will take place in various stages starting in September 2015. Honolulu Club plans to promote the brand both internally and externally and it will be reflected in all of the company’s advertising and marketing.

The club already has seven līfMOTR classes offered during the week at various times. As the demand grows it plans to scale the classes accordingly, something which Janna sees happening quickly: “We foresee līfMOTR as being a powerful magnet for the Gen Y and Z populations, as we continue to infuse new energy into the club through the growth of the young professional segment.”

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