In collaboration with Yuka, the passionate creator of Mama on the Mend, a women's health and postpartum care website and resource for new mothers, we have generated a two-part blog series breaking down the importance of restoring posture and core strength after pregnancy and how they can shift your body, mind, and spirit.  We share with you why Pilates can help with achieving these goals as well as how to perform four basic exercises to start your journey!  

Find Your Postpartum Inner Unit: Q&A With Janna Young

4 Postpartum Poses to Ease Back into Exercise

**Medical disclaimer. The information provided in these posts are intended for those who have been cleared for exercise by her doctor, usually at 4-6 week postpartum. Please check with your health provider before engaging in any of these activities.

**You’ll also want to have a professional check to see if you have separation in your abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) prior to engaging in physical activities.