Have you heard about this new research?  Listen to this podcast!  You HAVE to read this book. Did you check out that link I sent you?  This video changed my perspective on life.  Let's look it up.  Got down time?  Listen to this audiobook. Watch this show. Take this course. Download. Download. Download. Consume. More. 

AHHHH!!!  My head is spinning.  We are constantly under attack with information that we both willingly input into our minds and is force-fed to us through the stimulus of our surroundings.  We are in a culture that is never satisfied with the status quo.  We seek more much too often and it is driving us crazy!  We feel overstimulated, zapped of energy, never enough, and exhausted.

Why?  Because we don't PAUSE to reflect after input.  We read a news article on the commute to work then step into our offices and immediately check our emails, voicemails, and calendars to begin the day's grind.  Or we listen to a podcast on our run and as soon as it ends, we are looking for the next episode to play.  Or the next song. Or the next video. 

When does our input - all the information we have downloaded into our complex minds - turn to output?  When will we start using what we are learning to transform our relationships, communities, workplaces, and world?  When will we PAUSE to digest all that we have taken in, wrestle with the information, and think critically about how that information can empower us to shift our future? 

We jump from one experience to the next. One idea to the next. One moment to the next moment without even reflecting on what just occurred.  What did you just learn in the that previous moment that can help us in the next?  

We are constantly evolving beings, but some of us are evolving mindlessly while others are doing so mindfully.  Some of us are choosing our next steps while others are falling into them. 

Be intentional about the input you allow into your life.  But don't stop there.  When you have stumbled upon information that impacts you emotionally, physically, or intellectually, pause to reflect on what you just learned.  Dance with it.  Observe how it shows up for you in the days to come.  Wrestle with it.  And after you have moved with it, turn it into output.  Use it to empower you to make different choices to bring you closer to your values. 

We must block off time in our schedules to pause. To pause is to stop inputting for the sake of inputting. To pause is to let information sit with us without needing to immediately turn it to output.  To pause is to let breath into the moment for an idea to take root.  Pausing gives us time to choose our next step.