The day I met Janna Young I could barely move! I desperately wanted to lift myself out of devastating effects from four years of chemotherapy:  regain lost muscles, move past “chemo fatigue” and rebuild confidence. My trainer said: “PILATES? YES! Work with JANNA!”  That first day with Janna, Pilates changed my life forever.   

Janna’s genius gives me small gains and big-picture learning at the same time!  Every session, we assess the present and breathe. Then she moves heaven and earth to creatively adapt Pilates to my realities. I have stronger legs, less painful arthritic shoulders, better balance and less fear of falling. Every session, Janna invents Pilates moves that take me to the brink of my limitations and then holds my hand as I lean over the cliff. Her creativity keeps me learning that I do not fall into the abyss. 

Janna is enabling me to achieve balances that are profoundly spiritual and emotional, as well as physical. She listens to my worries and pains. We breathe. Then she uses Pilates to help me face fears and sadness about cancer and loss of my former self. Guiding this miraculous integration of brain and body learning, she inspires me to move and lift myself upward in ways I use every day. She personifies the elegance of Pilates by being the most graceful and imaginative teacher I could ever dream of. With Janna, I am building proprioception of mind, body and spirit – I am growing a center “with legs!”  - NLH

"Gosh.  Core and sucking it in are SO important!!!!  I think almost all my aches and pains are a result of having a weak core." – Kevin Lo, Ph.D.

“Thanks for the email and thanks for the workshop. It was great and fun trying the moves on the chair and jumpboard, which was new. I stopped pilates before because I thought it was too easy but I like that you make it an actual workout.” – Debbie Elliott

“I trained with Janna at Pilates Advantage where she challenged and opened my eyes. In exercise you can see where your mind tries to limit you and what your body is asking you to do. Much of what Janna taught me did not involve external weights or resistance – my body weight was more than enough difficult! At the beginning of each session, Janna assessed how my body was feeling, checked my posture and breathing to gauge if there was anything she needed to be aware of that day. She would be quick to modify a workout for me if needed. Her sweet and encouraging nature complemented with her knowledge of the human body and exercise techniques really made me feel safe and respected as a person. If you are looking for a true workout with someone fun and professional, do contact Janna!” – Joan P.

“I love pilates reformer classes with Janna. She always pushes me just a little past my comfort zone. I always feel her workouts the next day, in a good way of course. Janna is always upbeat, positive, and encouraging which helps a lot for someone like me, who’s hard to motivate. I like that she explains what areas you’re working out and why it’s important to strengthen your core. It’s just enough information without being too technical. I totally trust her to take care of my body. She’s the bomb diggity!!” – Yuka P.

“Janna trained me a week ago and she made that hour just fly by! The workout was intense, targeting my core, arms, and butt. I was definitely sore (the good kind) the next day! Pilates took place in a room at the Honolulu Club. This Club is definitely the sweetest fitness club on the island. The room we were in had a fun yet relaxed feel to it and the music she put on was peaceful and soothing. I definitely recommend taking Pilates with Janna!” – Jennifer C.

“Hi Janna! You succeeded in getting most of my muscles to maximization. I can feel most of my muscles today. Good job! It was a good class, easy to follow, and you are always so easy to understand. What I am pleased the most is your correcting my plank form and I am now totally conscious about not squooshing the poor grape as I do my abs. Such a small difference in form, such a HUGE difference in balance. I am looking forward to the next complimentary class in June! Over tea yesterday, we were so pleased with ourselves and the great workout we had with you. We had fun, Janna! Thanks!” – Linda